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Our process is designed to make things as easy and pain free as we can for our clients. We strive to ensure our clients have as much information and assistance as possible throughout the entire process.
A damaged home and insurance claims are nothing anyone ever wants to deal with. So call Alpha Blue Construction, we’ll take great care of you and your home.

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We thoroughly inspect all facets of your roof as well as vents, flashing, gutters, downspouts, screens and any additional components on your roof and property. Our goal is to find and note any and all damage consistent with any storms that your home was involved in. We provide you with high resolution pictures showing the condition of your roof as well as an assessment with what your options are and what actions should be taken next.

If adequate damage is found, we assist you with initiating your insurance claim. We recommend performing this step in one of two ways: Either allow us to assist you with this phone call by calling your insurance company together or by allowing us to do it for you. With our assistance through this step, we ensure that the pertinent information is given with exact dates and times that correlate with your damage.

Once your claim is filed, your claims adjuster will contact you within 48 hours to setup your property inspection. Simply let us know what time they want to come and we will meet them at your home to ensure all your damages are accounted for. In many cases, your insurance company is not the one getting on your roof. They depend on third party inspectors to provide them with pictures and their opinion of your damage. Having Alpha Blue Construction present not only provides you with the confidence that all your damage will be accounted for but also significantly increases your chances at getting a full replacement rather than a repair!

Once you are approved for your roof replacement and your claim summary is rendered, we review it to make sure it contains all of your damage and existing components. We complete a work order and go over shingle options and colors with you. With a signed work order, you officially go into our queue!

On the day of your build expect us to show up at 7am to begin our area prep and tear off. With our tactical approach to the re-roofing process, we are able to perform most roof builds in only one day! This includes tear off, wood rot replacement, new shingle installation and area beautification!

Once complete, we perform our final roof and area inspection to ensure our high standards for perfection were met. In fact, we only ask for our final payment once we are sure you’re 100% satisfied with the service you received! Once we receive your final payment we present you with all of your warranty info.

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